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Voyage intérieur · 6.1

jeudi 16 avril 2020

(Racing through the mind at night)

to turn an imposed negative
into a defiant positive how
to redirect unexpected down
time into ascendant energy to
be fruitful in fallow days not
to contain but to overflow to
think perchance to dream to
walk run fly to write
to remember to drink to forget
to imagine to smile to laugh to
enjoy reach out touch calm to
wait relax to rest bear to how
far will it go and when
will it end and will it
end or come again and how
long how bad how many
affected neglected how
many ventilated intubated
cured pured released [1] how
many how to hope at least
if not then well to what
end now then how to how

[1Parmi eux, aujourd’hui, Lee Konitz, saxophoniste légendaire qu’on entend sur « Vraa » de Jakob Bro dans la playlist ci-dessus, comme sur tant d’autres enrégistrements classiques (tel Kind of Blue de Miles Davis).