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Voyage intérieur · 12.1

mardi 12 mai 2020

(Racing through the mind at night)

ok so this is beginning to feel
normal less stressful to get
out buy food drink even cleaning
products are available now almost
like before bleach detergent stuff
to clean the toilet sink shower there’s
bottled water again the mask glove
soap sanitizer routine becoming
second nature one-way paths down
supermarket isles like airport runways
most people social distancing a few
lost souls wandering dazed one
wonders how the “reopening”
will go it’s difficult to
imagine it won’t set off another
wave of infections hospitalizations
deaths new rounds of shut
downs as in South Korea Spain longer
lockdowns numbers still going up here
the economy doesn’t matter if you’re
dead Americans wearing KKK hoods and
swastika face masks to supermarkets
confederate flags and machine guns
to capital buildings poster
boys of white privilege one
wonders if at some point they’ll
send in the army at some point
the shooting will start at some
point the word patriot will come
to mean anything other than fascist
its current meaning in this country
then again to many here fascism
is an ideal in all but name “fine
people” “very good people” people
to look at talk to make a deal
with according to the president
who shares their views embodies
their ignorance champions their
bigotry and today we learn