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jeudi 23 avril 2020

(Racing through the mind at night)

beginning to take measure of the
breadth of this how profoundly it
will change things how unlikely the
idea of anything resembling normal
to return to anytime soon the
protesters their obvious and
understandable pain anger con-
fusion their equally obvious
idiocy obliviousness selfishness
life-saving measures = trampling
of constitutional rights social
distancing = communism if you
don’t like it here go to China
this is a free country Jesus
is my vaccine there are more
important things than living the
cure is worse than the disease my
right to a haircut trumps your
right to life the Ohio man
who dismissed the virus as a political
ploy died of it a month later the
Virginia pastor who cried god is
greater than this virus and held
church services rather than self-
isolate died of it weeks later his
wife and daughter infected with
it now how many currently demon-
strating or hitting the beaches will
follow how many who disagree will
be endangered by these reasonable
people as the president terms them
as he encourages them to disregard
the health directives of his own
administration which he himself does
follow and why should he he’s only